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    You (the “Player”, the “Customer”) agree and follow our casino terms and conditions when:

  • You access Red Stag Casino.
  • Create an account at Red Stag Casino.
  • Play our games.
  • Interact with us in any other fashion, including but not limited to accepting our promotions, depositing money to your RedStag Casino account, etc.

Red Stag Casino Terms and Conditions represent an agreement between You and Red Stag Casino (“We”, “Us”, the “Company”).

These Terms and Conditions (“TOS”, “T&C”) represent the final and indisputable agreement between the Player and the Company and replaces all prior agreements between You and the Company.

General Terms and Conditions

1. To play at Red Stag Casino, a player must:

  • Be of a legal age defined by the jurisdiction of their permanent or temporary residence.
  • Be in the jurisdiction where gambling activities, including online gambling, are legal.

2. Red Stag Casino games and activities are not intended to be used in the jurisdiction where gambling, including online gambling, is prohibited or may be forbidden for a person who is:

  • Under the legal age.
  • Under any particular legal circumstances that prohibit gambling activities.

The Player realizes and admits all legal risks of playing at Red Stag Casino while intentionally or unintentionally violating their law.

3. The customer bears the sole responsibility for playing our games and deciding whether they are legal or prohibited in their jurisdiction. The Player takes the sole responsibility for complying with their law. Furthermore, you take full legal responsibility for violating your law.

4. Red Stag Casino, its employees, directors, partners, and other third parties bear no responsibility for the Player’s unlawful actions. We do not provide any explicit or implicit warranties regarding gambling-friendly jurisdictions or give any legal assistance to players.

5. The Player represents and warrants to play online games at our casino for entertainment purposes only. You must not consider using RS Casino for money-making intentions. Playing for professional purposes is prohibited. By playing at the RS online casino you confirm that you are do not consider casino games offensive in any way.

6. By visiting the Red Stag Casino and paying for real money, the customer fully accepts, represents, and warrants that they:

  • Live in a gambling-friendly jurisdiction.
  • Are of legal age.
  • Have no legal restrictions regarding online gambling activities.
  • Have the right to engage in online gambling activities.
  • Comply with the local law.

7. Legal age varies from country to county. In most cases, the legal age is 21. The customer fully accepts and warrants that they are at least 21 years old. The Player is responsible for determining the legal age of their country and complying with the local law.

Any transaction conducted by a person under 21 years old will be denied and canceled with all winnings generated from the individual’s account being nullified. We have the right to ask the customer for their identity and age proof at any time.

8. The Company has the right to limit access to the RS Online Casino for the Player for any reason stated or implied in the Terms and Conditions. We can restrict access to Red Stag Casino for players from the following areas in the United States: Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, New York, Washington, New Jersey, Louisiana, Canada, France, Holland (The Netherlands), Israel, Panama, and the UK.

9. The Player can enjoy all games and activities at Red Stag Casino without placing any real-money wagers or accepting any promotions. However, you can deposit your real money and place real bets if you comply with the Red Stag Casino Terms and Conditions.

The Player must assume all risks of playing real-money gambling amusements. You make all bets at your risk and without any intention to earn real money. The customer accepts and realizes that they may lose their deposit while playing for real cash.

10. The Player accepts, confirms, and warrants that they consider Red Stag Casino games fair, entertaining, moral, and socially acceptable. If the Player treats casino games as socially unacceptable, harmful, or immoral, they must leave the Red Stag Casino website.

11. The Player acknowledges that gambling might be addictive. The Company does not bear responsibility for any damage or losses on the Player’s side resulting from excessive gambling.

12. During the registration, after downloading Red Stag Casino software or visiting the Red Stag Casino website, the Player agrees and warrants to provide information, including but not limited to:

  • First and last name.
  • Email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Date of birth.
  • Postal/zip code.
  • Country.
  • City/state/province.

The Company requires this information to register the Player’s account and enable third-party payment processing. The Company does not bear responsibility for any damage or losses resulting from this information being misused, intercepted, or provided inaccurately.

The Player is liable for updating this information as soon as possible.

13. The Player is fully responsible for keeping their login data, including account number and password, safe and confidential. The Player accepts and warrants to take measures to keep this information entirely confidential and secure.

The Company bears no responsibility for the misused or lost Player’s login information. Please note that you are fully responsible for all operations, including but not limited to deposits and playing sessions, within your account. The Company is not liable for any damage and losses on the Player’s side if they disclose, misplace, or lose their login information.

14. Only the Player is allowed to use their account. The Player must not give it to the third parties, including individuals under the legal age, access to their account, games, deposits, and wagers. The Player must create no more than one account. One account is allowed per household, address, email address, financial account, or PC/mobile device.

15. Once the customer creates an account at Red Stag Casino, the Player gives the Company permission to check their legal background. In this case, the Company reserves the right to address third parties to acquire information necessary to review the Player’s credibility.

16. The Player must not play casino games under another name or on behalf of another person. Otherwise, any winnings generated from the associated account will be immediately suspended.

17. The Player can play the Red Stag Casino games on the Company’s official website and using official software only. Playing Red Stag games on other websites and by other means, including but not limited to robots, is prohibited. If the Company detects that the Player uses unofficial software or website, it reserves the right to cancel all the Player’s winnings and suspend their account immediately.

The Company will suspend the Player’s account if they attempt to hack, manipulate, or misuse the Red Stag Casino software and website.

18. Any winnings generated due to an error, be it an internet connection issue, software, or hardware malfunction, are considered invalid. If the Player wins due to such mistakes, they must report the Company about their case.

19. The Company is not liable for:

  • The loss of the Player record and winnings resulting from the server damage or failure.
  • Damage, delays, or losses resulting from software or telecommunication errors, third-party issues, etc.
  • Winnings resulting from telecommunication or software errors.
  • The customer attempting to take advantage of the casino by using means not intended by the Company.
  • Any force majeure events or related issues.

20. The Company and Its casino server are the only parties to register your winning outcomes. If any discrepancies between your and our results occur, our casino server software results are considered valid and accurate. The Company does not bear any responsibility for your winnings that occurred due to such discrepancies.

21. If any dispute occurs between You and the Company regarding your experience with Red Stag Casino, you can raise a complaint within 14 business days. For this, you need to contact the Red Stag Casino customer care team and explain your issue in detail with screenshots.

In case of discrepancies between the winning outcomes on your side and our server, the Red Stag Casino server results are final and non-disputable. You are unable to raise claims against such issues.

22. The Company has the right to terminate the Player’s account for any reason and pay all the winnings generated before the customer account cancellation. The Company is not obligated to take responsibility for such account terminations. We also have the right to terminate your account, cancel your winnings, and refund your initial deposit in any of the cases, listed below:

  • If you have more than one account at our casino.
  • If the account owner’s name doesn’t match the name of the card or other payment option method used during the payment process.
  • If you provide incorrect information during the sign-up process.
  • If the Company considers that you are unreliable, under the legal age, reside in a jurisdiction where gambling is unlawful, or have any legal restrictions to online gambling.
  • If you do not meet any explicit or implicit casino eligibility conditions within these Terms of Service.
  • If you use Red Stag Casino games for professional, non-recreational use as part of a group or under an agreement with other players.
  • If you attempt to withdraw promotional money within any of Red Stag Casino bonuses before fulfilling the promotion conditions.
  • If the Player attempts to cheat or cheats the Company using machines/tools/dedicated software/abusive gaming strategies.
  • If the Player is recognized as a bonus abuser and utilizes low-risk approaches to take advantage of the casino bonuses.
  • If the Player violates any of their warranties within these Terms and Conditions.
  • If the customer attempts to play Red Stag Casino games via the means not intended under these Terms and Conditions, i.e., at another online casino/via different software/etc.

23. The Company reserves the right to suspend the Player’s account and generated winnings if the Player conducts any criminal or fraudulent activities against the Company.

The Company reserves the right to charge the Player’s deposits back and request the Player to provide the Company with compensation defined by the law. The Player agrees to pay the full refund to the Company. You agree to cover our expenses associated with holding your deposits and winnings.

If you cheat the Red Stag casino or broadcast misleading information about your experience with the Company, we reserve the right to disclose your identity and contact information. Furthermore, the Company reserves the right to share this information with our partners and third parties.

Casino Bonuses at Red Stag Casino

1. The Player can receive casino bonuses at Red Stag Casino. The bonus money will be added to your bonus balance, separated from your real account balance and real money.

2. Only one bonus at a time is allowed per account/player/household/bank account/email address/device in a shared environment. If the Player attempts to create another account and claim another bonus, the Company will suspend their account and withhold all winnings.

3. If the Player attempts to claim a bonus they are not eligible for, their account will be suspended, and all winnings will be void. All pending withdrawals will be canceled.

4. Players who have less than $100 on their real balance are not eligible for additional bonuses.

5. The Player is eligible to claim a deposit bonus within 48 hours after depositing money to their account.

6. To qualify for a deposit bonus, the Player must deposit at least $25 to their account unless otherwise specified.

7. If the Player has one or more pending cash-outs, they cannot claim or receive any bonus until the current withdrawal is processed or canceled. If the Player attempts to abuse this rule, the Company reserves the right to suspend their account.

8. The Company reserves the right to restrict the Player from receiving casino bonuses at its discretion and without prior notice. Players prohibited from casino promos are not eligible to participate in Red Stag Casino tournaments.

9. To withdraw the winnings, the Player must complete the wagering/playthrough requirements/conditions. Each bonus has minimum wagering requirements of 20 times unless otherwise specified. The wagering requirements apply to deposits and bonuses.

10. The Player must complete 30x (times) wagering requirements if they want to redeem the bonus as part of their winnings.

11. A maximum wager limit of $5 is applied when the Player uses a welcome bonus. The maximum wager limit for a non-deposit bonus is $10. Please note that all if the customer exceeds the designated wager limit, all exceeding winnings will be void.

12. A maximum bet limit is $5 for all bonuses in the following areas: Sweden, Malaysia, Ukraine, and Mauritius.

13. Tournament games do not count towards wagering requirements.

14. Tournament bonuses paid in bonus credits are subject to 20x playthrough conditions.

15. The Player is not eligible to participate in a tournament unless they satisfy the wagering requirements of their bonus. The Company reserves the right to cancel tournament winnings associated with the Player account if they fail to abide by this rule.

16. Playing tournaments with free bonuses is prohibited.

17. Unless otherwise is stated, all non-deposit bonuses, including but not limited to free spins, have default wagering requirements of 40 times.

18. Only players who have made at least one deposit can participate in tournaments. The Company reserves the right to limit Players who have been inactive for 90 days from participating in competitions.

19. At Red Stag Casino, bonuses and tournaments are intended for recreational players only. Professional players and bonus abusers have no access to Red Stag Casino bonus programs. The Company reserves the right to cancel bonuses and winnings for the Player who violates the Terms and Conditions.

20. Players who use specific strategies, including but not limited to martingale and zero-sum bets, might be sanctioned.

21. Different games count toward playthrough conditions differently. Please, check the table below to see game contributions toward wagering conditions:

Slot machines100%
Poker slot machines100%
Blackjack games10%
Roulette games0%
Video Poker games10%
Other table games35%

22. At Red Stag Casino, all withdrawals are reviewed before being processed. The Company reserves the right to cancel all winnings and bonus money if we consider your withdrawal audit to be failed for any reason under these T&C. We will inform you about the review status by email within one-two business days.

23. If you have no more than $1 in total on both real and bonus account balances, all wagering requirements within your account will be automatically canceled. We recommend you restrain from additional bonuses if your account balance is not reasonably higher than $1.

24. If you choose Skrill or NETeller as your deposit options, you are eligible to withdraw a bonus amount of no more than 49% of your initial deposit.

25. Playing Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette with bonuses is prohibited. If you attempt to do so, we reserve the right to limit further bonuses for you. Furthermore, we have the right to cancel all your winnings generated with promotions in these games. Finally, all game losses will not count toward cashback bonuses and will be rendered non-refundable.

26. The Player cannot withdraw the bonus funds. Once a player places a bet, the bonus money will be used. Once the customer wins, the bet money returns to the bonus balance, while the winnings are credited to the real balance.

27. A bonus must be claimed after the Player deposits money and before they start playing any games with their deposit. Bonus claims made during the gaming session will be rejected, and all winnings will be canceled.

28. Players in the following countries are not eligible for Red Stag Casino bonuses: Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

29. The Company reserves the right to suspend any bonus at any time without prior notice to the Player.

30. Completing non-deposit bonus wagering requirements with games other than slots is prohibited.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Red Stag Casino

1. The Player must withdraw no more than $160 within the non-deposit bonus or casino tournament. The Company has the right to cancel all withdrawals exceeding $150 or removing cash exceeding $150 from your account at the cash-out moment.

2. The Player can withdraw their winnings using all payment options available on the payment page if they deposit money with credit or debit cards. If the Player deposits money via a different payment option, they can withdraw their winnings via payment means applicable to deposits.

Please note that you must deposit money to your account at least once to make a withdrawal. It is for security purposes to clarify your identity and verify your account information.

The Company will do its best to make withdrawals on time. However, certain factors beyond the Company’s control may result in withdrawal delays.

3. The Company reserves the right to ask the Player for identity and financial information proof before the withdrawal. It is due to security reasons. We also reserve the right to delay or pause any cash-outs until the Player makes a deposit.

4. The Company reserves the right to ask the Player to prove their wealth source and how they deposit money to their gaming account.

5. The Company has the right to decide which payment option for the Player to use while receiving withdrawals. Withdrawals are allowed only for customers who are the sole owners of their accounts.

6. The Company reserves the right to close the Player’s account due to inactivity. If the Player doesn’t log in to their account for 45 days or longer, Red Stag Casino has the right to consider their account inactive and close it.

If a depositing player shows no activity for three months, the Company reserves the right to suspend their account due to inactivity. If a non-depositing account shows no activity for 15 days, the Company also reserves the right to cancel it. All winnings will be nullified.

Intellectual Property

1. The Player fully accepts and understands that any bonus-related materials are the intellectual property of the Company. The Company is not obligated to be responsible for any damage and/or loss resulting from the use of prize materials, prize claims, entries, lost, misplaced, illegible, or misinterpreted requests. If any game material contains an error, its liability is limited to substitution.

2. The Player agrees, warrants, and represents that Red Stag Casino intellectual property pieces, including but not limited to names and logos, are registered trademarks belonging to the Company. All rights regarding Red Stag Casino intellectual property belong to the Company.

The Player understands and agrees that they have no right to these trademarks and other intellectual property owned by the Company, including but not limited to text, graphics, and web content associated with the Company. 

Limitation of Liability

1. The Company’s staff, including employees, directors, affiliates, licensees, marketers, payment processors, software providers, partners, and other third parties are not allowed to play Red Stag Casino games or collect Red Stag Casino bonuses.

2. The Player agrees, represents, and warrants to consider and respect the Company, its employees, directors, affiliates, licensees, marketers, payment processors, software providers, partners, and other third parties harmless.

3. The Player agrees, represents, and warrants to fully reimburse the costs resulting from damage and loss due to the Player’s:

  • Interaction with the Red Stag Casino.
  • Use of the Games and any materials associated with the Games.
  • Acceptance and use of bonuses and promotions.
  • Use of Red Stag Casino software downloaded from the official website or installed from other sources.

4. The Player agrees and warrants to consider the Company, its employees, partners, marketers, and other third parties harmless and blameless in case of:

  • Any legal procedure initiated either by or against the Player.
  • Any costs, expenses, damage, or losses resulting from the legal procedure initiated by or against the Player. The Company is not liable for such expenses, damage, or losses.

Customer Support, T&C Updates, and Notifications

1. The Player may receive phone calls from the Company as part of the Red Stag Casino customer support service. We do our best to give you the most accurate information and guidelines regarding our services, games, and promotions.

2. All registered users may receive email and postal mail notifications regarding Red Stag Casino services, games, and promotions.

3. The Company is not liable for third-party notifications, emails, promotions, and any damage or loss resulting from such emails, rules, and guidelines.

4. The Player agrees, represents, and warrants that all guidelines, rules, terms, and conditions featured in emails, notifications, or on the Red Stag Casino website are final and non-disputable.

5. If the information given to you by our customer support staff contradicts the Red Stag Casino terms, conditions, guidelines, and rules, it is considered a mistake. In this case, it is invalid.

6. The Player will receive transaction notifications by email. We strongly recommend you save this information in any way appropriate to you, including but not limited to printing. We also recommend you print and save all rules, guidelines, terms, and conditions sent to you via email or represented on

7. If you are unsatisfied with the Red Stag Casino services, you can raise a claim and ask for a refund by addressing our customer support team at

8. The Company has the right to add/delete/modify/replace any games and activities available to Red Stag Casino players at its discretion at any time and without prior notice to the Player.

9. The Company has the right to update/modify these Terms and Conditions at its discretion at any time without notice. These updates and changes will take into effect at the moment of their publication. The Company will introduce such changes to protect the interests of the Red Stag Casino and its USA Players.

10. The Player may receive notifications on their mobile device. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Player agrees to receive mobile notifications.

Acknowledgment and Agreement

By visiting, registering an account at Red Stag Casino, and reading its T&C, the Player agrees to follow updated/amended/modified T&C. The Player agrees to visit the T&C page from time to time and get familiar with any updates and changes. The Player’s bears the sole responsibility for getting acquainted with the Red Stag Casino TOS.

The Player agrees, represents, and warrants to leave the Red Stag Casino website and cease any interaction with the Company if they disagree with the Terms and Conditions.