Blackjack has always been popular and will never come out of trend. Nonetheless, you may want to get something new alongside time-proven classic vibes. is here to provide you with a thrilling mixture of six Blackjack variations. Got interested? Then read more about them below:

Classic Blackjack

As you may already know, in this game, you need to get the hand value that amounts close to 21 points in total. If you get over 21, you’re busted. If you get 21 before the dealer, you win. In this game, cards have the following values:

  • 1-10 remain unchanged.
  • Aces are equal to 1 or 11. If adding an Ace card will result in 21+, it amounts to 1.
  • Each face card is 10.

So, the rules are simple: you receive two cards and get the combined value. It’s up to you to:

  • Hit: add a random card to your hand to reach 21.
  • Stand: hold your current hand.
  • Double down: add another card and double your bet size.
  • Split: divide your cards into two hands if two of them have the same value.

As you see, mastering Blackjack rules is a no-brainer. Besides, this game allows for an even blend of strategy and randomness, which is a perfect formula for relaxed and captivating gameplay.

Finally, Blackjack ensures pretty nice payouts and a tiny house edge (0.13%). You can grab a substantial pack of dollars after putting a bit of thinking and luck into your Blackjack gaming session. So, play Classic Blackjack at Red Stag Casino and win big!

Atlantic City Blackjack

It appeared in Atlantic City, a resort city in New Jersey, the USA. This Blackjack variation is almost identical to the classic game, except for some gameplay alterations:

  • You can double down after splitting your cards. However, you are forbidden to separate the hand once again.
  • You can double down and split the first hand.
  • The dealer stands with “soft” 17 (if there is an Ace that amounts to 11).

Downtown Vegas Blackjack

It introduces the following changes to the game rules:

  • Dealer holds on “hard” 17 (the hand containing no, one or more Aces that each count as 1).
  • Dealer hits when their card value is soft 17 (containing an Ace 11).
  • You can split up to three hands in a game.

While some casinos in the United States allow only two hands in this variation, the US players can place bets on all five hands at Redstag casino. Therefore, you can increase your winning chances dramatically: at least one of five hands will always bring you profit!

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

This type’s peculiarity is the ‘perfect pair’ bet that gives you one more way to grab a jackpot. It can be either won or lost aside from your initial bet. Our Perfect Pairs Blackjack can bring something much better to the table: you can win up to 30x of the wagered cash in this game.

What is a perfect pair? It’s when you’re dealt two identical cards (like two red 7-diamonds). What if you hit cards of the same color but different value? If you do so, you’re lucky, too! Check the payouts for different pairs:

  • Mixed − 5:1
  • Colored − 10:1
  • Perfect − 30:1

As you can see, you can win some real money in this game while wagering as little as $2 per hand.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

Are you up for Blackjack games and don’t want to lose your cash because of the house edge? Then you can opt for a single-deck game variation, as it allows you to keep the house edge at 0.15%. But there is a catch. You should opt for a game that pays 2:3. 

We have great news for you. At Red Stag online casino, you can generate money in a single-deck Blackjack that pays 2:3. Thus, you will play the most beneficial variation with one card deck.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

It doesn’t differ a lot from the Vegas Downtown game. However, the dealer holds on both “soft” and “hard” 17. While this difference seems insignificant at first sight, it’s crucial to know when the dealer stands.

Thus, if you see the dealer standing on 17, you know they won’t take an extra card to their hand. As a result, you will predict the outcome of your next hit much better.